I am a prairie boy who fell in love with Dungeons and Dragons at the age of 9. I am a professional technical writer, and spend my work week writing and illustrating manuals that describe agricultural equipment. Ask me about bucket elevators sometime. I also write stuff for games.

I believe that gaming, be it card, board, or tabletop makes life better. I strongly believe that playing role-playing games can be artful. A good game session reaffirms our best qualities. I think that gaming is a good use of time. Nothing tests the social contract like slaying a dragon and dividing the spoils. 

I believe that everyone deserves to play the hero.

I live in Saskatoon with my wife and son and dog. You should visit here sometime. We have pierogis.

Obvious selfie is obvious. Go Riders!

Obvious selfie is obvious. Go Riders!




  1. Kobold Press Blog, 2013-2015 (writer/designer)
  2. Prepared! Collection, Kobold Press, 2016 (writer/designer)
  3. Sanctuary of Belches, Kobold Press, 2016  (writer/designer)
  4. Tome of Beasts, Kobold Press, 2016 (contributing writer/designer)
  5. Book of Lairs, Kobold Press, 2016 (contributing writer/designer)
  6. Dark Rituals EN5ider, 2016 (patrons only) (writer/designer)
  7. Demon Cults and Secret Societies, Kobold Press, 2016/2017 (5E developer/designer)