Monstrous Books

I stole the money I used to buy the Fiend Folio from my parents. Specifically, I stole it from my mother's purse. It was 1986, the year my entire extended family drove across the country in gigantic cars from Saskatoon to Vancouver for the Expo. I was 11. I remember being so impressed with the art in that book - I mean I was 11 so what did I have to compare it to, but the Gith man, the Gith...those wrappings.

For the true RPG geek, a book full of monstrous enemies is like an index of awesome. I'm guessing somewhere in the range of 15% of my brain is used for storing information about monsters. It's locked in there, permanently, like the smell of the Oldsmobile en route to Vancouver. Sometimes I joke with Laura about being forgetful, but it's not true - I just can't make room for new stuff - I will always need to know the AC of orcs in the first monster manual right?

Kobold Press dropped their Tome of Beasts last week. That thing is ridiculous. I'm too old to absorb it into my pores like I did when I was 10. I need to keep the PDF open when I'm using the monsters in my current campaign. I will say, that that book is kind of a milestone for Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons. It's so full of heart and talent and effort! Gads. Man the Kobold Press might be small, but zowee do they rally the troops. I can't fathom how much work that was.

I have a writing credit in the Tome of Beasts. I redesigned a monster: the rime worm. I wonder if there is a 10 year old kid out there committing it to memory. Go easy, I'd say - you might need room to remember family birthdays when you're forty.

In case you were wondering, my parents caught on. They raised my allowance as a result. Sounds crazy, but that was the end of my petty thieving days. One in the win column, Mom and Dad.

Buy the Tome of Beasts. Huge congrats to the whole Kobold Team. It's a really fucking great manual.