The Changeling Scared Me

I started watching horror movies about the time the Hellraiser series started. I watched Nightmare on Elm street at my friend Jimmy's house when I was way, way too young. The 80's went all out with the gore - I mean if you compare them to the relatively tame mainstream horror of the 70's. I grew up watching teenagers being hacked in twain' by machetes. 

 Bouncing balls are scarier than machetes.

Bouncing balls are scarier than machetes.

I was absolutely desensitized to it. Contrary to what the moral majority might have suggested, I still ended up being a really ordinary and frankly nice person. It seemed like all that human gut-spillage that formed the foundation of my childhood movie watching had granted me immunity from being afraid.

Then, when I was maybe 14, I saw The Changeling. Now, there is a scene in the Changeling that still shakes me today when I think about it. It has no blood, or music, or screaming, or machetes - it has a ball, bouncing slowly down the stairs. For anyone who's watched this movie, you'll likely remember it. It was so innocent, yet filled with dread. I think, in retrospect, it was the first real horror movie I ever watched. All the slasher films had nothing on the bouncing fucking ball.

I've uploaded a new scenario called Dead Weight. It's a small ghost story with the potential to be pretty creepy in the right DM's hands. Carry me to my grave, begs the slain youth in noble clothing. Carry me all the way...