So the response to my last blog post has been pretty amazing. Thanks for the emails and tweets and all of it. My 5th Edition Fun content has proven pretty popular since the site went up a few weeks ago, so I thought I'd outline what's coming up.

Regarding Scenarios

I'll continue to post the short, text-based scenarios a couple time a month. They'll be accompanied by a blog post. I am completely in love with the monsters in the Tome of Beasts, and am going to use that manual heavily. I've received some requests for maps or illustrations of some kind for the scenarios, and while I would love to provide these - my talents fall a bit short when it comes to map-making and drawing. I am investigating some ways to make serviceable maps for some larger pieces I have in the works.

Regarding Project Worthystone

I'm in the process of writing a darn cool adventure setting/location which I will release here for free in the coming months. For this project I will be providing (commissioning) visual material to support the text (to what extent, I am not sure). I'm really excited to get the guide booklet finished and released. I'll have some more on this soon.

Thanks again for your interest in the site, and my writing!

Stay rad,