My Gamer to Gamer Interview

Recently I had a rare opportunity to meet Ennie award winner and insanely productive creative madman, James Introcaso on the interwebs. His blog is a must read, and a pretty amazing online resource for RPG fans in general.

James interviewed me for his ongoing podcast series, Gamer to Gamer. Reading the list of guests he's had on that series makes me feel a bit like the short kid on the basketball team... I'm told he's finished editing our conversation, and has released it for you ears. You can listen to my interview here, but be sure to explore his other offerings such as the Round Table - a rotating cast of pros and crazies and crazy pros chatting about the games we love. James is a real professional on the microphone, and it was a genuinely rad time talking to him.

Thanks to James for providing me an opportunity to ramble on about gaming, writing, and the compulsion to share. I hope we can chat again soon!