Everything's Coming Up Milhouse

Hey look, my collection of one-shot 5th Edition adventures is now available on Kobold Press!

Two back to back publications in a few weeks! Even I'm tired of me!

In all seriousness, I'm pretty proud of this little collection. I think it's a great bunch of short form adventures, made awesome by Meshon Cantrill's cartography. I owe him a big thank you for developing the original maps for the Kobold Press blog, and for his hard work getting them all print ready.

If you received a copy of my Prepared! one-shots because you backed the Tome of Beasts Kickstarter to that level, you're a hero and you helped launch what I think is a milestone in 5th Edition products: The Tome of Beasts rules.

If you received a copy of my Prepared! one-shots because you bought them on the Kobold Press Store, or on Amazon, you're a hero because you took a chance on a newbie.

I already went down the heartfelt gratitude road with the release of Sanctuary of Belches (which you can read here), so I won't repeat myself - other than to say this:

One of the hardest things for me to do as a writer is to call something done. You could fiddle forever. I have to remind myself of something I also have to remind my six year old son of fairly often - it's ok to be done.

Not perfect, but fun.

This is how I press send when submitting manuscripts. This is my mantra - it also encapsulates me.

Not perfect, but fun.

Be kind, game on!